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100% Data Center Uptime SLA

SVCOLO's 100% Data Center Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) covers all the key infrastructure elements and service metrics like power, temperature, network availability, and service credits.

The Service Level Agreement relates to the use of products and services offered by Silicon Valley Colocation.

Service Commitment
SVCOLO is committed to providing services to you at a standard of excellence on par or higher with the best practices in the industry. 100% data center uptime, network uptime and server availability are of the highest importance.

The following selected information is designed to assure you of the top-tier performance and guaranteed maximum uptime you can expect from SVCOLO.

If you, as a customer, ordered Redundant Power (aka A+B Power), then SVCOLO provisions pairs of power circuits to supply your space with a Primary Power Circuit (aka A-side Power Circuit) and Redundant Power Circuit (aka B-side Power Circuit). The Redundant Power does not allow for additional usable power over the contracted primary power circuit. SVCOLO offers the following Uptime commitment for Redundant Power: Subject to certain conditions, the AC power to your Space shall be available not less than 100% of the time.

SVCOLO provides temperature control at the premises using computer room air-conditioning ("CRAC"), measured by SVCOLO installed and operated sensors. SVCOLO offers the following 100% Uptime commitment for Temperature: Subject to certain conditions, SVCOLO will maintain over a 24-hour period, an average ambient room temperature at the premises of 72 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bandwidth Services
If your services include Bandwidth Services, then SVCOLO offers the following 100% Data Center Uptime commitment for Bandwidth Services: Subject to certain conditions, SVCOLO will provide 100% Network Availability to you.

Service Credits
If SVCOLO fails to meet the relevant Uptime commitments as set forth above, you may request a credit and upon verification, we will credit your account as outlined in your SLA.

Other Requirements:
Upon new installation and initial operation of your equipment, and after any material alterations, SVCOLO may need to make adjustments to the facility to accommodate such installation or alterations.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary above, Uptime commitments shall not apply during the initial two weeks after each installation or material alteration.

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